Fuji Nevada
from €528

A staple in the lineup for more than two decades and Fuji’s best-selling series globally, the Nevada is designed with trail-ready geometry adapted from Fuji’s top-end models to be more accessible for all riding levels. No hype – just reliable components on a proven frame built for real-word conditions and real-world budgets. Lauded for its versatility, the Nevada can take its rider from their first week- end ride to their first mountain bike race.

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Model shown
Fuji Nevada 27.5 1.6 2016 Satin Grey

Other models available
Fuji Nevada 27.5 1.3 2016 Navy-Citrus
Fuji Nevada 27.5 1.4 2016 Black
Fuji Nevada 27.5 1.9 2016 Black
Fuji Nevada 29R 1.3 2016 Navy
Fuji Nevada 29R 1.6 2016 Dark Grey

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